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Priority-setting Decision Making Framework

LHINC VALUE STREAM: Accountability and Performance


Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) are mandated to plan, integrate and fund health services in Ontario across the continuum of care while engaging communities in setting local health service priorities. In addressing this mandate, LHINs are faced with setting priorities and making decisions about how best to meet community health needs in the context of competing system goals, multiple stakeholder interests and limited resources.  In order to do this, all LHINs apply frameworks to support priority setting and decision making in a variety of contexts, such as approving health programs and services, allocating or reallocating funding to health service providers, and setting planning priorities.

While all LHINs use priority setting and decision making frameworks, there is considerable variability in the frameworks used.  The need for a common approach was identified as a key issue by LHIN Collaborative (LHINC) Council and through the work at the LHIN Consistency workshop  held in March 2009. 

Current state: (As of March 31, 2011)

Through a review of leading practice models across the LHINs and other jurisdictions, the LHINC Priority Setting and Decision Making Framework Working Group developed a provincial, consistent, transparent framework for priority setting and decision making to guide priority setting and decision making by the LHINs. The LHIN CEOs approved the framework for use by all LHINs and it is now being implemented province-wide.


The Priority Setting-Decision Making Framework Working Group members are acknowledged for their hard work and contributions:

  • Mimi Lowi-Young, CEO, Central West LHIN (Chair);
  • David Kelly, Executive Director Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addictions Programs;
  • Debbie MacDonald Moynes, Executive Director, The Prince Edward County Community Care for Seniors Association;
  • Don Ford, CEO, Central East Community Care Access Centre;
  • Barb LeBlanc, Director, Health Policy, Ontario Medical Association;
  • Pat McCarthy, CEO, Omni Health Care Ltd.;
  • Adrianna Tetley, Executive Director, Associations of Ontario Health Centres;
  • Adil Khalfan, Senior Consultant, Toronto Central LHIN;
  • Philip Kilbertus, Senior Consultant, North East LHIN;
  • Liisa Simi, Senior Consultant, North West LHIN; and
  • Steve Goetz, Director - Performance Optimization, South East LHIN.

The project support team consisted of:

  • Ashnoor Rahim, Project Consultant, LHINC; and
  • Saul Melamed, Senior Consultant, LHINC;